Increasing the Impact of a NGO

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Givers Arena is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of those in need, regardless of location. While the organization has a strong reputation in the industry and has made significant progress in its mission, it had been struggling to scale its impact and achieve its long-term goals. In an effort to increase its impact, the board of directors of Givers Arena hired PUC Limited, to assess the root causes of the organization's struggles and recommend solutions.


Upon conducting a thorough analysis, PUC identified several issues that were impacting the ability of Givers Arena to scale its impact. Firstly, the organization had limited resources, including a small staff and budget, which made it difficult to implement and sustain its programs. Secondly, the organization was not effectively leveraging its partnerships and networks, leading to a fragmented and inefficient approach to program delivery. Finally, the organization had a lack of clear and measurable goals, making it difficult to track progress and allocate resources effectively.


PUC worked closely with Givers Arena to develop a comprehensive plan to address these issues. To increase resources and sustainability, PUC recommended the development of a fundraising strategy that included a focus on major gifts and corporate partnerships. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of program delivery, PUC recommended the establishment of a central program management team that could coordinate and leverage the organization's partnerships and networks. Finally, PUC worked with Givers Arena to develop clear and measurable goals and a data-driven approach to program evaluation and resource allocation.


The changes implemented by PUC had a significant impact on the ability of Givers Arena to increase its impact. In the first year alone, the organization saw a 30% increase in funding, a 20% increase in program reach, and a 15% improvement in key outcomes. The improved coordination and focus on data also allowed the organization to be more efficient and effective in its efforts. Conclusion: By conducting a comprehensive analysis and implementing targeted solutions, PUC was able to help Givers Arena increase its impact and position itself for long-term success. The organization is now better equipped to achieve its mission and make a positive difference in the lives of those it serves.